Choosing where to give birth is, obviously, a super personal decision!

Today we’re going to talk about both home birth and birth center birth to help you see the pros and cons of choosing each type of birth in Oklahoma City and I’ll share local resources that can help you learn more about each of these options!

Personally, I chose to have both of my babies at home. The idea of being in a sterile, unfamiliar environment surrounded by people I didn’t know just wasn’t the way I wanted to bring my children into the world. After my second son was born, my oldest came in to meet the baby and we cuddled up in our bed and watched a movie together. It was absolutely perfect to just relax in my own bed with my family!

Understanding Home Births in Oklahoma City.

A home birth means that you’re choosing to give birth in your home, attended usually by a midwife.

Let’s break down midwives real quick: A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is specially trained for home births and private birthing centers, learning through apprenticeships or accredited schools. They’re different from Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) who start as nurses.

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Home Birth Advantages:

Of course, you’re in a familiar environment! The comfort and familiarity of your space can provide a sense of calm during labor (not to mention you don’t have to find a place for your other kids to go when you go into labor!)

Personalized care: Your midwife provides one-on-one attention (keep in mind, most of the time this is true for a birth center birth as well).

Control over the birthing process: From setting the ambiance to choosing who attends, you’re in complete control.

Home Birth Considerations:

Emergency resources might not be immediately accessible.

You and your team are responsible for setting up and cleaning up the space.

In my own birth experience, the midwifery team are fantastic at cleaning up and with both of my births, there was no mess or stains left behind!

Understanding Birth Centers in Oklahoma City.

Birth centers are a middle ground between the home-like setting of a home birth and the medical facilities of a hospital.

Oklahoma City Birth Center

Birth Center Advantages:

  • More medical resources than home births but less intervention-focused than hospitals.
  • Typically staffed by midwives who support natural birthing practices.
  • Often located close to hospitals, ensuring quick transfers if necessary.
  •  You can show up and have your baby without worrying about set up or clean up.
  • Good option if you live in a small home or apartment.

Birth Center Considerations:

They might not offer all the medical interventions available at a hospital.

It’s a setting away from home, so it might not provide the same level of intimacy.

Make sure the birth center has a good relationship with a nearby hospital.

How Can You Decide Which to Choose?

Ask yourself about …

  1. Medical Safety: Evaluate your pregnancy risks. Low-risk pregnancies might be more suited for home or birth center births, while higher-risk ones might be safer in hospitals. A midwife can help you determine if you’re low risk!
  1. Comfort Level: Some women feel safer in a medical setting, while others prefer the warmth of their homes.
  1. Cost: Home births and birth centers might be less expensive than hospitals, but always check with your insurance. Many midwives and birth centers offer payment plans.
  1. Support System: Consider where your chosen support team (like doulas or family members) can best assist you.

Whether you choose the intimacy of your bedroom or the supportive environment of a birth center, what matters most is what feels right for you!