Mommy & Me Nursing Sessions

August 12, 2020

The sunflowers are starting to bloom and I’ve got quite a few mamas lined up to document their breastfeeding journeys at P Bar Farms’ Sunflower Field!

I’ve had several mamas ask me what to wear. Generally, lighter, solid, neutral colors photograph best. This could be white, grey, tan, or even sage green, sky blue or blush pink! I love mamas in pretty dresses, they are just so feminine! But stylish dresses which are also nursing friendly can be hard to find! There are a few companies out there who make nursing specific clothing- PinkBlush, Latched Mama, etc. Those companies can be expensive, but if you know what to look for, regular dresses work too! Any dress with a wrap front or buttons down the front work great for nursing! Even dresses with tie straps work.

Matching exactly with your little isn’t required, but if you love to be matchy-matchy, I say do it! Keeping your color palette in mind, is very important though! Coordinate and choose colors that work together.

I’ve done a little online window shopping to show you what I mean. Here are some pretty options for inspiration! Bonus: They are all budget friendly options!