Why Maternity a Session?

Baby is kicking your ribs, you haven’t seen your feet in weeks and you can’t breathe. To say you are pretty uncomfortable at this point is an understatement, I get that.

But here’s the thing – you might roll your eyes at this, but trust me, someday you’ll look back and realize that you kind of miss these days. The days when those tiny wiggles and kicks in your belly were your constant companions, sparking wonder about who this little one will become.

You’re already a phenomenal mama, pouring love and selflessness into this little life. That sweet bump you’re rocking? It’s beyond special; it’s a testament to the incredible journey you’re on. So, while the discomfort is real, let’s not forget to embrace the beauty within it, because these moments are part of the magical path to motherhood.

I love making your maternity session a reflection of you!
At your stable with your horse? I’m there!
Climbing to the top of a mountain to get the wind in your hair? I’m down!
Sweet low-key photos in a local park? Awesome, lets do it!
Intimate session just you and your hubby in studio? Sweet!
A session with your other kids and husband, reflecting life as it is in this moment? I love that!

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